992 Lancia Hyena Zagato – Believed to be the Only Hyena Presently in the United States

Do you consider yourself a true car aficionado? If so, you might be forgiven for not immediately recognizing the stunning coupé that stands before you. Its smooth and streamlined shape exudes both elegance and purpose. But look a little closer, and you’ll find hints of its extraterrestrial origins: the Lancia badging, the iconic Elefantino Rosso logo that symbolizes the brand’s rally dominance, and the subtle lines reminiscent of the legendary Fulvia Sport Zagato coupé. Only the most knowledgeable car enthusiasts will recognize the name: the Lancia Hyena Zagato. And believe it or not, it’s believed to be the only Hyena currently in the United States.

A Rare Beauty with a Rally Heritage

The Hyena Zagato is not just a beautiful car; it combines coachbuilt elegance with one of the most evocative and successful drivetrains ever to grace the World Rally Championship. This rare gem owes its existence to Paul Koot, a collector and the official Dutch importer of Lancia. With an eye for beauty and a head for business, Koot found himself restoring an Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato in the early 1990s. During the restoration process, he visited Elio Zagato, where they discussed Zagato’s past affordable coupés. Inspired by the conversation, Zagato’s Marco Pedracini created a modern reimagining of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Zagato ‘Coda Tonda’ from the 1960s. Koot saw the potential of combining Pedracini’s design with the raw performance of the Lancia Delta HF Integrale, and thus, the Hyena Zagato was born.

Hyena Zagato

From Dream to Reality

After its initial unveiling at the Brussels Motor Show in 1992, the Hyena Zagato received an overwhelming response. Within a short period, 12 orders were placed, transforming the dream into a production reality. The goal was to produce approximately 600 Hyenas, with each car being sold through Lancia’s existing dealer network. However, due to limited investment from Lancia, Koot had to use road-ready Integrale Evoluziones as the foundation for the Hyena Zagato, increasing the overall costs significantly. As a result, the final ticket price reached a staggering $75,000, making it $10,000 more expensive than an Acura NSX.

Hyena Zagato

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Performance

Although the Hyena Zagato came with a hefty price tag, it more than lived up to its billing when the first prototype was showcased at the 1993 Paris Motor Show. The cars were meticulously assembled in the Netherlands and then sent to Turin, where Zagato fully rebodied them. The lightweight steel structure incorporated aluminum body panels, while composites were used for the doors and bumpers to reduce weight. The rear seats and doors were removed, and the interior underwent a complete revision, featuring a combination of fine leather and lightweight carbon fiber, reminiscent of the competition-inspired cabin found in the contemporary Alfa Romeo SZ. The final design was not only stiffer and more compact but also 440 pounds lighter than the original Integrale.

Hyena Zagato

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