Baby Born Carrying Twin Brother Astonishes the World

In multiple pregnancies, a phenomenon known as “fetus in fetu” or “parasitic twin” can occur, which occurs once every 500,000 births. It is not common for a ƄeƄé to be born with his twin brother inside, but it was what happened to Mónica Vega, a mother from Barranquilla, ColoмƄia.

Mónica underwent a routine ultrasound in the seventh month of her third pregnancy in the company of her husband Yamil and the doctors confirmed that a smaller fetus was growing inside the womb of her little girl, Itzamara, which had its own umilical cord and amniotic fluid. around it.

A television program from a well-known Colombian news channel broadcast the case, explaining that it was caused by a strange alteration in embryonic development.

This phenomenon arises when the cells that make up the twin brothers do not divide properly and promote asymmetric growth. Cell division occurs regularly in the first week, when it occurs in the second Siamese twins are born. In this case it happened on the 17th.

Doctors discovered what was happening before Itzamara was born, but in general, they usually diagnose it months or years later, even the fetus can be mistaken for a tumor.

Surgeon Miguel Parra attended to the case and decided to schedule Itzamara’s caesarean section in the 37th week of her pregnancy, to later submit her to a surgical procedure and extract her twin brother’s fetus.

Doctor Parra explained that it was not convenient to wait for the pregnancy to come to term because the twin brother of the ƄeƄé would continue to grow and could compromise her state of health.

The fetus that grew inside the little girl’s womb had its extremities developed, it had a umilical cord and amniotic fluid, although it did not have a heart or brain, it would only stay alive depending entirely on its sister.

Mónica welcomed her daughter after the cesarean section and welcomed the world, although she was worried that she would be transferred to the operating room to undergo the operation.

Itzamara’s parents, Mónica and Yamil, kept hoping that everything would go well and they would return home with their little daughter healthy and healthy.

When 24 hours elapsed after the birth of Itzamara, the doctors performed the surgery that fortunately had a successful result.

What happened caused commotion in the world, marked a precedent in science.

Thanks to the opportune diagnosis and the actions of the doctors, the ƄeƄé managed to overcome the complications of pregnancy and surgery.

Snail TV

In the program “Los Informantes” they delved into what happened and offered detailed information about the birth of the girl and the impressions of the doctor who was in charge of the operation.

Little Itzamara has starred in a unique case in the world that continues to generate reactions on the networks, share it.

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