Three cobras coiled around a tree trunk after being released back to the forest

The image shows three Indian spectacled cobras, also known as naja naja, intertwined and slithering around the tree trunk. It is a rare sight to see three cobras together in one location, especially in such a pose.

Indian spectacled cobras are known for their distinctive appearance, with a black or dark brown body and a large spectacle-shaped marking on the hood of their head. They are venomous and can be found in various parts of India, including the central and southern regions.

Cobras are considered sacred by many Indians and are often associated with religious beliefs and cultural practices. Despite their revered status, cobras can be dangerous if they feel threatened, and their venom can be deadly.

The photo shared by the IFS officer and captured by the wildlife photographer is a testament to the beauty and complexity of Indian wildlife. It is a reminder that we must continue to protect and preserve these creatures and their habitats for generations to come.

In conclusion, the photo of the three cobras coiled around a tree trunk is a rare and beautiful sight that showcases the unique and diverse wildlife found in India. We must ensure that we protect and conserve these animals for future generations to appreciate and admire.

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