The town’s mystery is subject to ‘fish rain’ every year, scientists also ‘give up’

Fish rain is one of the bizarre natural phenomena occurring in some places on Earth. However, only the Honduran town of Yoro is home to a strange fish rain that occurs every year, sometimes up to several times. And so far, scientists have not found an explanation.

The town of Yoro is located in the north of Honduras (a country in Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, famous for the mysterious phenomenon called “Lluvia de Peces” – the literal rain of fish.

From the 1800s to the present, the Lluvia de Peces fish rain often occurs in Yoro after a very strong storm occurs between May and June. The strangest thing about this rain of fish is that no one has actually seen it. The fish falls from the sky even though it happens every year. But there is evidence of the Lluvia de Peces fish rain: photos and videos of hundreds of fish that covered the entire area after strong storms.

According to locals, the rain of fish here is associated with a legend. Around the 1850s or 60s, Spanish missionary priest Jose Manuel Subirana visited the area to witness the poverty of the locals firsthand. So he prayed for three days and three nights asking God to provide them with food. One day, the sky turned dark and fishes fell from the sky and the phenomenon was called Lluvia de Peces. Since then, miracles have happened every year.

In 1970, a group of scientists happened to be in Yoro when Lluvia de Peces when it rained fish. They saw with their own eyes the ground covered with fish, although they did not see the fish falling from the sky. But the strange thing is that the fish are all blind and are not a species that lives in the water bodies of the area.

So scientists have hypothesized that these fish live in underground rivers or caves, where lack of light makes them blind. The big storm caused floods that caused the fish to drift into the city. When the water recedes, they are “stuck” in the town.

There is also an opinion that storms with strong whirlwinds have carried fish from the sea or nearby lake and dropped them on the road, creating a rain of fish.

Many theories have been put forward, but so far, Lluvia de Peces remains an unsolved mystery. Yoro people love this strange phenomenon because it attracts more tourists from all over the world to visit this town every year.


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