Stunning Underwater Photos Of The Beauty Of Pregnancy

We believe that we take the most images during pregnancy. We wish to “capture” for eternity the special moments and unheard-of changes that take place in our bodies. Between us and to later see how we were with a bloated elly, bloated legs, additional weight, and laughs.

But we can also observe the other beauty of pregnancy—the beauty of beauty. Additionally, to emphasize it in the best way possible. Adam Opris, an American photographer, had the idea to photograph expecting mothers in aquatic postures. The overall result is quite impressive while also being delicate and endearing.

View his beautiful pictures in the photo collection below, which were published by We excluded them.

Limitless possiƄilities

So graceful

Belly loʋe

The whole family

Like a mermaid


Pretty in pink

Family loʋe

Wear your Ƅump with pride

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