Squirrel Battles Cobra To Protect Her Babies – This Was Truly A Once In A Lifetime Sighting

“A brave mother squirrel was recently spotted in the Kgalagadi Transfr ontier Park, South Africa, fighting off a Cape Cobra in order to protect her young.

The incredible sighting was captured by safari guide Dave Pusey and shared with LatestSightings.com.

The scene unfolded on the Mata Mata road, where the 41-year-old guide had already spotted a puff adder in the road.

After some rain, there were many signs of snake activity in the soft sand, so it wasn’t a surprise to spot a Cape Cobra on the side of the road.

However, the snake seemed to be very tense and ready to strike, and then the guide noticed the ground squirrel merely inches away from the cobra.

The brave mother squirrel kept creeping up to the snake and just as it got close enough, the snake would launch forward and snap a bite at the squirrel. But the squirrel reacted quickly and jumped out of the reach of the bite every time!

After about half an hour, the snake took refuge in some bushes and eventually found a hole to slither into. The female squirrel then started relaxing and carried on with her business.

This incredible sighting shows just how hard a mother squirrel would fight to make sure that no threats come near her babies.

It’s a reminder of the lengths that mothers will go to protect their young, and it’s a reminder of the incredible wildlife that can be found in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.”

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