I’m eating a snake but what the hҽck is ҽating me?

A Speckled Kingsnake recently made headlines for attempting to eat itself. The snake, which mistook its tail for another snake, swallowed it in the hopes of a meal.

Fortunately, a bit of hand sanitizer was all it took to get the snake to regurgitate its tail.

While some may assume that this incident was due to stress, starvation, or improper temperatures, it’s unlikely that any of these factors were at play.

The snake was kept in perfect conditions, with a properly sized enclosure, hiding places, and clean water. It was also fed properly and not starving.

This kind of incident is not uncommon among Kingsnakes, as they are known to eat other snakes. However, it’s important to note that this was a rare occurrence for this particular snake, and none of the other Kingsnakes kept in identical conditions have ever attempted to eat themselves.

When the snake flinched at the approach of its owner’s hand, the hand sanitizer accidentally ended up in its eyes.

However, snakes have clear scales that protect their eyes, so the sanitizer did not harm the snake in any way.

After being washed, the snake quickly recovered and was able to eat a meal soon afterward. It’s clear

that this was simply a case of the snake mistaking its tail for a meal and not being very smart about it.

In conclusion, while this incident may seem unusual, it’s important to remember that snakes are wild animals and can sometimes exhibit unexpected behavior.

As long as they are kept in proper conditions and cared for properly, they can recover quickly from incidents like this and continue to thrive.”

Thanks to the Channel : Rob Clark Venitox
Watch the video below for the full story !!!!

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