Shark ɑttɑck on dolphin brings upsetting news for surfers

As the summer season approaches, Australia’s beaches transform into popular tourist destinations, attracting visitors who indulge in the exhilarating sport of surfing.

However, the summer ambiance on Sydney’s northern beaches was disrupted when a shark attack occurred, leading to the suspension of a surfing carnival. Fortunately, no individuals were harmed, but sadly, a dolphin fell victim to a bull shark, according to reports.

Authorities informed ABC News that a group of three bull sharks was sighted by beachgoers at Shelly Beach in Manly. Witnesses later noticed a dolphin with a significant bite on its tail. Eventually, the dolphin washed ashore, and locals reported its discovery.

Officials revealed that shark activity has been unusually high this season, resulting in an increase in attacks. The same dolphin had been observed by swimmers and surfers in the vicinity, but its fate was far from peaceful.

In response to the incident, beach officials swiftly took action, implementing restrictions on all local and visiting surfers in the area. Consequently, the carnival was canceled, and surfing and swimming activities were prohibited at nearby beaches.

Authorities suspect that the shark responsible for the attack may still be present in the Shelley and Queenscliff areas.

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