Sɑratoga twıns fırst tıme out…This’s just the swᴇetest vidᴇo ever

The first day of the year 2015 was a significant and exciting day for Daisy, a mare on the farm, as she was about to be introduced to her two foals for the first time. It was a moment of uncertainty for the farm owners, as they had never experienced a mare caring for two foals simultaneously. Daisy had been kept in a stable for six weeks, giving her foal Duet time to grow strong enough for outdoor life. The owners were eager to see how Daisy would react to having two foals and if she would be aware of her second baby, Quixote.

To their delight, Daisy proved to be a star mom. She embraced her role with grace and devotion, staying close to both Quixote and Duet during their first time outside. Quixote stayed diligently by Daisy’s side, while Duet, being a bit more curious and easily distracted, would occasionally wander off before cantering to catch up with his family. The farm owners gradually extended the time they spent outdoors each day, allowing the family to adjust to their new environment.

As the days passed, Daisy, Quixote, and Duet became more comfortable with outdoor life. They eventually joined other mares and their foals in the paddock. The twins, Quixote and Duet, developed an inseparable bond, sticking together like glue as they explored their surroundings.

Daisy, being a strong and assertive presence in the paddock, ensured that her babies were well-protected. When a new mare approached, the twins instinctively ran to their vigilant mother, knowing that she would keep them safe from any potential threats. The farm owners marveled at Daisy’s maternal instincts and her ability to keep her little ones secure and unharmed.

The farm became a joyful and harmonious place as Daisy, Quixote, and Duet integrated into the herd. Their bond as a family grew stronger each day, and Daisy’s protective nature made her the guardian of her twin foals. The owners took pride in witnessing the special relationship between the mare and her two adorable offspring, a unique and heartwarming sight that filled the farm with love and a sense of wonder.

As the days turned into weeks and months, Daisy, Quixote, and Duet continued to thrive as a united family within the larger horse community. The farm owners knew that this extraordinary trio had forged a connection that would last a lifetime, and they were grateful for the opportunity to witness the magic of nature and the resilience of maternal instincts in Daisy, the star mom of the farm.

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