The Heartwarming Tale of Elly Albers about Rescuing and Rehabilitating a Baby Flamingo

Elly Albers, a wildlife rehabilitator with Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab, recently took on a new challenge: rescuing and rehabilitating a baby flamingo.

This was the first time that Albers had ever worked with a flamingo, and the experience taught her a great deal about these fascinating birds.

Flamingos are known for their bright pink feathers, long legs, and distinctive beaks. They are found in many parts of the world, including Bonaire, where they are a common sight along the island’s salt flats and lagoons.

While flamingos are generally able to care for themselves, there are times when they need help from humans, such as when they become injured or orphaned.

In the case of the baby flamingo that Albers took in, the bird had been found alone on a beach and appeared to be in distress.

Albers quickly assessed the bird’s condition and determined that it needed immediate care. She brought the flamingo back to the center, where she set to work providing it with the specialized care that it needed.

One of the biggest challenges in rehabilitating a baby flamingo is feeding it. Flamingos have a unique digestive system that requires a specialized diet of microorganisms and brine shrimp.

Albers had to carefully monitor the bird’s feeding schedule and make sure that it was getting all of the nutrients that it needed to thrive. She also had to take special precautions to ensure that the bird did not aspirate, as this can be fatal for flamingos.

Over time, the baby flamingo began to show signs of improvement. Its feathers began to grow in, and it started to gain weight.

Albers continued to monitor the bird’s progress, providing it with physical therapy to help it learn how to walk and fly. Eventually, the bird was strong enough to be released back into the wild.

The experience of rehabilitating a baby flamingo was a rewarding one for Albers. She learned a great deal about these amazing birds and gained a deeper appreciation for the work that she does as a wildlife rehabilitator.

Her experience also highlights the importance of organizations like Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab, which provide critical care and support for injured and orphaned wildlife.

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