Repoгter steps in fгont of the cɑmera but that hoгse has the cгew buгsting with lɑughter

If you are employed in the television industry, you must be prepared for unexpected events as they can occur at any moment. As the saying goes, it is advisable to avoid working with young individuals or animals.

During a TV interview shoot at a horse breeder’s stables, an interviewer and his film crew find themselves facing an amusing and unforeseen situation. The cameraman, Greg Harriott, leans against a horse stall to maintain stability while recording.

Everything seems to be progressing smoothly until a sizable horse in the neighboring stall unexpectedly approaches the crew member. With a mischievous gleam in its eye, the horse playfully extends its large head over the stall railing, resting it amiably on Harriott’s shoulder and proceeding to lick the cameraman’s head.

Harriott remains composed and steadfastly holds the camera steady while enduring the horse’s subsequent antics. After the licking, the horse gently nudges Harriott’s ear and playfully nibbles at it. The silent harassment gradually intensifies until the mischievous horse seizes Harriott’s collar and pulls him backward. Unfazed by the equine’s attempts, the resilient cameraman continues to film.

Meanwhile, the interview proceeds without the interviewer being aware of the unfolding events. It is remarkable how Greg Harriott maintains his composure and carries on with his duties despite the mounting distractions caused by the horse, which likely sought nothing more than friendly attention and a pat on the back.

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