The rᴇscue team providᴇd aid to hᴇlp Frodo was undᴇrwᴇight, infᴇsted with lιce and parasιtes, and his coαt was tαngled.

Thankfully, members of World Horse Welfare swiftly arrived to assist, arriving just in the nick of time. Frodo was underweight, infested with lice and parasites, and his coat was tangled. The rescue team provided aid to help him regain his footing and ensure his safety.

Initially, there were doubts among the rescuers about Frodo’s chances of recovery due to his dire condition. Given his malnutrition, a gradual approach was adopted, and he was provided with a specialized diet to rebuild his strength.

Continuous fluids were administered to keep him hydrated, and his matted coat was carefully trimmed. The team in charge treated his lice and parasite infestation, facilitating his ongoing recovery.

After receiving attentive care and unwavering dedication from his rescuers, Frodo began displaying signs of improvement. His journey towards recovery took place at World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm.

Gradually, he started exhibiting typical horse behavior, engaging with his caretakers and joyfully frolicking in the pasture, forming numerous friendships along the way.

Within a few months of residing at Penny Farm, Frodo found a new home through one of the charity’s regular handlers, Jan Mather. Over the next three years, Mather worked extensively with Frodo.

Despite his distressing beginnings, Frodo proved to be friendly, well-behaved, and easy to manage. This remarkable pony showcased his potential for excellence under saddle.

Subsequently, Frodo returned to Penny Farm, embarking on his journey to become a show pony. Nicolle Walmsley, the senior groom at Penny Farm, invested countless hours in building Frodo’s muscle tone and training him to be ridden.

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