Extremely Rare Snowy Owl Spotted In Central Park The First Time After 130 Years

“On Monday, Feb 27, New Yorkers flocked to Central Park to catch a glimpse of a snowy owl that hasn’t been seen for 130 years.

This rare sighting was reported by The New York Times and was made possible by the Manhattan Bird Alert, a Twitter Account for bird spotting in New York’s Central Park and Manhattan.

Experts believe that the last time snowy owls were spotted in Central Park was in Winter 1980, when they migrated in an unusually large number toward the South, along the east coast.

However, the technology at the time did not allow people to snap photographic proof of the event. Therefore, Wednesday’s phenomenon was so special that many people couldn’t wait to see the feathery creature.

Manhattan Bird Alert posted a video of this rare sight with the caption: “The SNOWY OWL of the Central Park North Meadow was not much bothered by the crows that gathered around it earlier and that have now returned.

People are staying behind distant fences and being quiet and respectful.” The video capturing the snowy owl playing with other crows has earned 82K views, 2K likes and a number of positive comments.

Citizens witnessing the sight also shared several pictures and videos of the birds taken by their own. The snowy owl was seen perched on a tree, looking around and occasionally flapping its wings.

People were amazed by the beauty of the bird and were in awe of its majestic presence.

The sighting of the snowy owl in Central Park is a reminder of the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving it. It is also a reminder of the importance of bird-watching and the need to respect the wildlife.

The snowy owl is a symbol of hope and resilience, and its presence in Central Park is a reminder of the power of nature.”

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