Rare moment of adult elk surprises many

Rare moment of adult elk surprises many

The video, captured by a surveillance camera outside the apartment of Tyra Bogert, who lives in Alaska (USA), shows the moment an adult moose suddenly stops on a snowy road while moving. The beast shook its head vigorously, and the two big horns fell off at the same time.

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The video footage showed that when the antlers suddenly fell off, the elk was startled at first, but quickly regained its composure and walked away calmly.

“This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. The moose lost its horns right in front of my house,” Ms Ɓgert shared on her personal Facebook page. Tyra Bogert’s video “went viral” on Facebook before being posted and reposted on TikTok, Twitter and many other social networking platforms…

Many netizens expressed surprise when they saw the elk’s antlers fall off so easily.

“I thought the antlers were attached to their skulls, how could they fall off so easily?” one social network user Ƭwitter commented after watching the video.

Another Ƭwitter user commented: “What a surprise. This is the most amazing and funny thing I’ve seen lately.”

Tyra Bogert said the surveillance cameras that sound the alarm when they detect unusual movement outside the door help her spot the moment the elk shed their antlers. Boggart’s husband then brought the horns into the house for decoration.

According to animal experts, only male elk grow antlers. The antlers of elk play an important role, as females choose mates based on the size of the male’s antlers. In addition, the antlers of elk are also used as a tool of self-defense.

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Only male elk grow antlers.
After the winter mating season is over, male elk lose their antlers so that the animal doesn’t spend as much energy rearing the large pair of antlers. Moose antlers will start growing back next spring and take about 3 to 5 months to fully develop. Immature male elk may not shed their antlers in winter.

Not just elk, but all species of cervids lose their horns every year. Usually, however, the antlers do not fall off at the same time, but at intervals of one to four days, with the left antler usually falling off first. When it comes to dehorning, the cells around the base of the horn thrive, pushing the horn out of the head. This stage can cause uncomfortable itching for the animal. Deer species often like to rub their horns against the ground, stumps, etc. to help the horns fall off more easily.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for elk to shed and replace their antlers, but not always the moment is captured so clearly on camera. Tyra Bogert’s cut becomes even more special when the moose’s antlers are simultaneously shed with little to no external influence.


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