Rare 4-foot ‘creature’ washes up on coast despite usually living in rivers

Rare 4-foot ‘creature’ washes up on coast despite usually living in rivers

Amazing footage has emerged of a ‘unique’ 4-foot-long monster that washed up on a Texas beach despite normally being found in rivers.


Jace Tunnek, research director at Mission-Aransas Reserve, was seen in the video picking up the long brown animal from the moist sand.

The lifeless animal was identified as an American Eel by a marine expert.

According to Tunnell, the species of Eel can grow to be around 5 feet long, however most people observe them at 2 to 3 feet l ong.

Jace Tunnek was seen picking up the long brown animal from the wet sand (Image: CNN)

“The eels are fairly common in freshwater rivers in Texas, but not typically at this size. This is basically as big as they get,” he added.

Fishermen occasionally use them as bait, but this one is so large that they don’t believe it was used for that.

It may have been a female that had travelled out into the ocean to spawn eggs.

The huge worm-like creature washed up on a Texas beach (Image: CNN)

Females can have up to four million eggs but tragically die afterwards.

However, experts “don’t have any way of knowing how this particular eel died.”

The announcement comes after a 25-year-old fisherman revealed what it was like to film a rare humpback whale in British seas.

Experts don’t know what killed the eel (Image: CNN)

Cornish fishermen Anthony Rawph and James Tanner noticed the uncommon species yesterday (23 January) afternoon at 5pm in Carbis Bay, near St Ives, and captured the incredible clip.


James told CornwallLive the whale was “double the size” of his 18-foot long boat, and popped up to the surface just a metre away from him while he and Anthony were fishing for mackerel.


The bloke, who says he’s been fishing since he was 15 years old, said that none of the fishermen he spoke to in St Ives had ever seen a humpback whale.


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