Rυѕѕιαи Army report: “The Arctic Hides Alien Technology” 

Rυѕѕιαи Army report: “The Arctic Hides Alien Technology” 

While Western scientists focus on searching for life beyond the confines of our planet, Russian scientists claim that alien technology exists under the polar ice caps of the Arctic.

For decades, the information you have provided us is that if alien technology existed , it would be out of our reach. Possibly outside the Solar System.

However, Russian scientists with help from China, have made a discovery in the Arctic of possible UFOs buried in the ice.

Hidden objects in the Arctic draw the attention of different countries
Russia’s interest in UFOs and paranormal events, since the time of the Soviet Union , has been highly known.

However, nothing in particular had been known regarding the progress they had made in the matter. The Euro-Asian nation has always maintained a great secrecy regarding its investigations. Especially when it comes to technology, both scientific and military.

In the same way, the Un ited States has also been involved in the issue, in the same way as China.

But according to theorists, it was Russia that really started the search after experiencing military situations at the Arctic poles while conducting secret operations and explorations in the area.

Russian scientists are believed to have discovered a series of signals that could be the answer to all the questions that experts have been asking for decades.

Captain Prikhodko, who was the military to the command of the mission in the Arctic that was carried out secretly, gave a series of surprising statements.

Another elite secret?
During the expedition, the military bodies witnessed a series of strange and surprising events.

They spotted strange objects sailing at impossible speed under the ice. As if these were submarines, but with clearly more advanced technology.

The captain assured that what surprised him the most is that not even the most advanced submarines of the time can achieve this propulsion.

Therefore, he assumed that the objects seen could not belong to this world. They had been built with non-human technology .

The men in his charge also claimed those things were simply impossible for them to be human.

Currently, practically no one the real origin of these objects. Nor have more expeditions been made to the polar caps to investigate further. In fact, many ufologists say that they are unlikely to continue on the site if they have already “met” their goal. However, it is still striking that the Russian government has not made any public statement on the matter.


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