The extraordinary energy of the deformed dog teaches us a lesson full of admiration

Duncan is a small dog born in Colorado, USA. When he was born, Duncan was born with a birth defect when his hind legs twisted together causing the spine to curve, Duncan was surgically amputated by Dr. Brandon.

The energy and joy of life of a 2-legged dog makes millions of people admire


Despite all the difficulties, the dog Duncan is always optimistic and cheerful.

No one thought that the weak little dog after major surgery could recover soon, but after only 1 hour, the brave Duncan got up and learned to stand and walk in front of the surprised eyes of the staff. care staff.

With extraordinary energy, Duncan did not even need to use any means of support in moving. The caretakers designed three wheel chairs to replace Duncan’s hind legs, but all three times the little dog refused.

Even though he only has two front legs, Duncan still trains to be able to run, jump, and walk like a normal dog.

Due to the disability of the body, Duncan often faces health problems such as tendonitis, metabolic disorders, cardiopulmonary disease. There have been 2 times when Duncan’s condition deteriorated so badly that he stopped breathing, but after receiving cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the brave dog defeated Death and returned from the dead. It is known that only 3% of the dogs that have ever received CPR survived.

Despite having a disabled body and poor health, Duncan is a living proof that shows us that joy and happiness are not determined by circumstances, but in every thought and attitude. our own lives.

Duncan’s optimistic, cheerful attitude has inspired millions of people.

Not wanting to be tied up with support wheels, Duncan likes to stand on his own two feet.

The little dog not only has extraordinary life force, but also has a warm heart full of love.

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