The distorted creation’s creatures

Caterpillar hybrid bird

The body structure has stripes like a bee, wings like a butterfly and has an extremely long tongue, also known as a proboscis used to suck up pollen and nectar, contributing to flower pollination. Some caterpillars even have a body like a small bird. This strange creature often occurs in the British Isles.

“Goblin Shark”

The “goblin shark” is very afraid of light and can only live in extremely deep water. When it was first discovered, many people thought that this was a deformed shark. Up to this point, only about 50 “goblin sharks” have been discovered, however, they are still not on the endangered list because no one has determined they existed and how to survive.

Red lip fish

The red-lipped fish was once discovered on the ocean floor of the Galapagos Islands. They do not know how to swim like ordinary fish, moving must rely on the fins on both sides, with the same shape as a pair of legs.

Sea slug Glaucus Atlanticus

Since its appearance, the sea slug Glaucus Atlanticus has immediately attracted a lot of attention with a very bizarre shape only found in comic books. The silvery-green spikes on the sides are quite poisonous, and they are only used to attack other poisonous creatures. This strange creature can be found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the color is also camouflaged like a predator to adapt to the situation.

Fluffy butterfly

This ruffled butterfly was discovered by Dr. Arthur Anker in 2009, especially when its image looks quite similar to the Pokemon cartoon character.

Aye Aye

The Aye-aye is a lemur native to the archipelago of Madagascar. They are considered one of the ugliest animals on the planet. This is an extremely rare animal and is on the endangered list.

This extremely rare pink hippopotamus was discovered by scientists along the banks of the Mara River, Kenya. This striking skin color of the hippopotamus will make it more difficult for it to stand out from its peers. Light and thin skin also puts the animal at risk of sunburn.

Long-eared gerbil

The long-eared gerbil is native to the Gobi desert and China, feeding mainly on insects. They are small rodents that jump like mice and have long tails and legs. Even the ears of this mouse are about 1/3 larger than their heads.

Sun bear

Sun bears are considered the smallest bears in the world, their fur is also much shorter than their peers, sometimes their fur appears pale yellow or white on the chest. Most of the time they are climbing trees, preferring to eat fruit and gnaw on small insects. Sun bears are native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, their existence is seriously threatened by hunting and deforestation today.

This moose was discovered on a reserve near Florence, Italy. Many people believe that the development of a sharp horn in the middle of the top of the head is the result of an injury, or a genetic defect that makes this deer deformed compared to other people.

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