Proof (maybe)! Sea Creatures, Aliens, and More…

Upon risking the reduction of quality on my blog (if such a thing exists for Triggerplug) I will be diving into a more tabloid-ish topic. That being those really “scary” pictures you find online which make you go “that isn’t real!” But then you just keep staring at it, and then search for other pictures like it to assure “it’s not real.” Why do we do that? I’m going to chalk it up to wanting adventure, and also the innate desire to consume donuts which all of us cannot escape. Enough explanation, it’s time for pictures with me commenting on them:

The Ningen: 

It is, according to legend, a mermaid that’s Japanese. Except it’s more creepy, because it can be larger than the American mermaid — and it’s Japanese. So you know that you can’t talk it down or reason with it, because it’s Japanese and Japanese monsters don’t negotiate with humans.


What, you don’t believe in the Ningen? I happen to have a very reliable google image which proves you’re wrong. Here it is, you see that? A Ningen, doing what Ningen do. Which is, apparently, swimming in open waters, skimming along the surface.


And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, how about I zoom in on it a ridiculously close? Now it’s all pixelated and clearly a Ningen. No dispute.


But I have more sources, here’s a white blob coming out of the water which is clearly the Ningen surfacing for air. They are mammals like us. They’re mermaids after all.

Ningen 1

And this is my favorite Ningen proof of all — the arctic Ningen. A subspecies which can split its back fin into two bipedal appendages which we can describe as “legs.” With its fat, seal like body, and apparent lack of arms, the Ningen is a beast of formidable prowess on land — and it’s Japanese.


Sea Monsters:

We sort of talked about this already with the Ningen, but I use the more general term “sea monster” because that seems to be one of the few areas which readers will actually believe something weird and scary could exist. After all, the world’s oceans are very big and very deep. Who knows what lurks in the depths:

Maybe this thing does. What, you can’t see it? There, in the blackness, right there. You still don’t see it? It’s there, and this photo is totally legit, because there’s numbers on it and the film is all grainy. Clearly legit.

Sea monster 1

If that shot just isn’t enough for your skeptic mind then I present you my second case: The nessy. That’s what I call it anyway, this photo is probably from a camera that takes pictures in deep water. That explains the grainy footage and that it’s black and white. The ness is a shy creature, and that’s probably why they’ve all but died out — they never reach for their goals you know? Life lesson there…

… so… this picture is of… yeah we can just move on…

Sea Monster 2

Probably the best evidence we have for sea monsters are dead things. Like this carcass which was conveniently thrown back into the ocean because “it stank.”

sea monster 4
sea monster 5

This is a black and white photo, and therefore more legit. Because back in the day when they had only black and white footage there was no photoshop. So you can rest assured that the dead thing there is really dead and is really a monster.

sea monster 6

And this is the infamous giant tadpole, which eventually turns in to the infamous giant toad. I really don’t think I need to explain anything more than that.


More Real Sea Creatures:

Out of all these photos, I think only one is edited, so these are more legit sea creatures which you could maybe run into when you’re out venturing the ocean:

giant jelly fish
Giant Fish
Sea Monster 3

The Mothman:

I’ve always had a particular interest with the Mothman stories, but it’s a bummer that I can only ever find a few pictures of said creature. The story goes that, when some major disaster is about to happen, the Mothman shows up. But he’ll also show up around your house for no apparent reason, burn your eyes out, and make you forget stuff/ go crazy. So yeah, he’s pretty well rounded in the slender sense:

Here is case A of Mothman, flying over some stuff, you know, just being a Mothman.


And here is case B of Mothman. He likes bridges a lot, they make a nice perch for him. He likes to be alone I think, that’s why we don’t see him much.



Yeah, I’m just going to level with you here, Aliens really don’t excite me all that much. I’ve seen to many photos and too many movies. But I found this two pictures which absolutely, 100% convince me that something is out there:

Here, you will notice alien-like debris floating in the space. We have no idea what it is, and therefore we know it is alien. I think what convinces me the most is that these pictures are from the space – like taken from an actual satellite. Ergo, there must be a significance to them.

Mars, NASA, top secret, above, UFO, UFOs, sighting, sightings, report, photos, leaked, hackers, anonomous, anon, ESA, JAXA, alien, al

And then there’s this guy who I have come to call Jose. When I stare at him, all I can see is a little fat dude riding a red, hover moped which he made in his garage. He is friendly to me, a friendly fat alien. There is a zoomed in version for your convenience in the left corner. This is the definitive alien siting in my book, I will accept no others.

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