Heroic King Cobra Protect Trapped Dogs in Deep Well for 2 Days

A Strange Incident: King Cobra Protects Two Trapped Dogs for Two Days in a Deep Well

In a surprising turn of events, a king cobra, known for its aggressive and venomous nature, was found protecting two small dogs trapped in a deep well for two days.

The incident took place in Punjab, a state in the northwest of India, in March 2013. The story has recently resurfaced and has been shared widely on social media.

The two small dogs fell into a dry well and were unable to climb out. Their owner noticed their absence and heard their barking from the well.

Upon investigation, he found the two dogs trapped in the well with a king cobra coiled around them. The cobra, known for its deadly venom, did not attack the dogs but instead appeared to be protecting them from harm.

The owner immediately called for help, and a rescue team arrived at the scene. The king cobra, still coiled around the dogs, moved aside to allow the rescuers to reach the trapped animals.

The rescue team was able to retrieve the dogs safely, and the king cobra was also rescued and released back into the wild.

The incident has surprised many people, as king cobras are known to be aggressive and dangerous. However, experts say that king cobras typically only eat other snakes, rodents, and birds, and are not known to attack dogs or humans unless provoked.

The story of the king cobra protecting the two trapped dogs has gained attention on social media, with many people sharing the heartwarming story of an unlikely friendship between two different species.

The incident serves as a reminder that even the most dangerous animals can show compassion and empathy towards other creatures in need.

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