This is a magnificent horse!

Photo by Ida Kehoe Beautiful shot!

Funny Moment Of An Elephant Scratches Its Butt On A Safari Jeep

A wild elephant approached a vehicle on safari and then began using it as a scratching post. The elephant strolls towards the open-top vehicle, filmed by Chantal…

Summer Is Here: Two Horses Delight in Summer Fun Underwater

In the midst of a scorching summer, two horses found respite and joy in a playful escapade beneath the shimmering surface of the water. With gleeful abandon,…

The Most Handsome Buckskin Gelding Enjoy Sunset

Let see some pics of the most handsome buckskin gelding enjoy sunset below

The Resilient Journey: From Abandoned To Beloved – A Horse’s Tale Of Redemption

Once a proud and majestic creature, the horse found itself abandoned and left to fend for itself. Its once-glossy coat was dull and unkempt, reflecting the harshness…

Stunning Horses And Cute Horses

Video from: cuteanimalpet

A Gorgeous Fell Pony Stallion!!

A Gorgeous Fell Pony Stallion!!

My Little Pony All Characters In Real Life

My Little Pony All Characters IN REAL LIFE

The Baby’s Unconditional Love: Cherishing Her Tiny Pony Companion

The baby adores her little pony

Blissful Retreat: Free-spirited Baby Elephant Revels In A Delightful Day At The Elephant Spa

Khɑnyisɑ, ɑn orphɑned ɑlbino elephɑnt, ɑnd her hɑndler tɑke ɑ stroll down to the dɑm. Khɑnyisɑ tɑkes her trunk ɑnd grɑbs the hɑndler by the hɑnd. The…