Picking the wrong opponent makes the hyena pay

Picking the wrong opponent makes the hyena pay

Donkeys’ appearance makes us think of them as taciturn, stupid, and easy to bully. However, it turns out the opposite is true.

Donkeys are herbivores, but they are capricious and extremely persistent. This makes predators often pay the price for believing their somewhat inert exterior.

Chọn nhầm đối thủ, linh cẩu trả giá trước vẻ ngoài ngờ nghệch của lừa ảnh 0

Picking the wrong opponent, Hyena was cheated the lesson of a lifetime. (Video: Facebook).

In a video taken by tourists on a suburban farm, the donkey can be seen as undefeated as its rival hyena. Instead, it taught the pesky predator a lesson worth remembering.

The video begins with the hyena attempting to approach and grab the donkey’s tail to gain the upper hand, thereby disabling the prey. However, the donkey soon realized the intention.

By virtue of its height, especially its long nose, the donkey managed to escape from the grip, and then put its jaw on the hyena’s ear.

The bite hurts the animal, but it cannot escape because the donkey clenches its teeth. The hyenas with shorter muzzles also had no way of touching each other, and could only struggle in desperation.

The tenacity of the donkey thrilled the audience. Few of them believed that herbivores could be so powerful. Even more surprisingly, the donkey’s rival, the hyena, is one of the fiercest hunters on the grasslands. In some cases, hyenas even scare off leopards and lions.

Picking the wrong opponent, the hyena pays for the stupidity of the fool 0

Donkeys herd sheep and protect livestock from outside predators.
The donkey (equus asinus) has long been ridiculed for its ugliness compared to the ethereal appearance of the horse.

However, donkeys actually contribute more to human life than their cousins.

Donkeys don’t possess speed, but have amazing strength and stamina, making them adept at transporting goods and food, as well as pulling millstones.

Donkeys also have the ability to protect sheep from ferocious wolves.

At first, not many people believed this. In fact, however, when a donkey spots a wolf or other hunter, its instinct for self-defense is activated, turning the donkey from a gentle herbivore into a formidable attacking machine.

Usually, the donkey will rush up to attack the enemy, kick it several times, and then step on the enemy. An equally dangerous weapon of donkeys is their very strong jaws. This is something that can lock the enemy and make the opponent lose the initiative.

The donkey is also ready to kick back hard with its hind legs if attacked from behind, and can snap a predator’s jaw if it stupidly stands within reach.


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