Owl mom who lost her own chicks melt 1M hearts when ‘adopting’ orphaned chicks

“Robert E. Fuller is a British wildlife photographer and artist based in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, UK. He is best known for his stunning wildlife photography and his unique approach to creating art. He builds habitats to lure wildlife into his garden so he can study their behavior via nest cameras.

This helps him to make his paintings and other creative projects. Fuller also rescues animals, including orphaned or lost owlets, a.k.a. baby owls.

One of the tawny owls that Fuller has playing the role of adoptive mom is named Luna. Luna was actually a rescued owl herself. She was taken in by owls at Fuller’s place in 2017 and raised as their own.

Because of their care and protection, Luna grew to be a healthy adult owl who wanted to be a mother to her own owls. Luna worked towards being a mom for two years, but her eggs didn’t end up hatching. She also lost an entire batch of eggs in the previous year.

Thankfully, Luna still had the chance to become a mom. Fuller came across two other owlets who were in need of a mother. He knew that placing the babies with Luna would help her to fulfill her motherly instincts and give them a chance at survival.

So, Fuller placed the two owlets inside Luna’s nest and waited for her to come back. He was hoping that she would accept the babies as her own and raise them. Thankfully, Luna immediately took to the two little babies.

Luna lunged into her tree hole after peeking her head in and spotting the two babies. She hurried on over to them and placed the babies under her wings and got right to covering them up to make sure they were warm and protected.

Fuller was overjoyed to see that these two little babies have a new mom. He was also thrilled for Luna. Luna’s partner, Bomber, also welcomed the owlets into their home.

Thanks to mom and dad’s new roles, the babies are doing well and should be able to head back out into the wild on their own soon.

Robert E. Fuller is an inspiring wildlife photographer and artist who is dedicated to helping animals in need.

His unique approach to creating art and his dedication to rescuing animals is truly admirable. He is a great example of how one person can make a difference in the lives of animals.”

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