Heartbreɑking virɑl video: mother elephant and her herd’s υnyielding griᴇf as they cɑrry the body of their dᴇɑd calf for days

A heart-wrenching video has gone viral, capturing the profound emotional depth of elephants. In West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district, a mother elephant and her herd were witnessed carrying the lifeless body of her deceased calf.

The footage showcases the mother’s unwavering determination as she struggles to lift the calf with her trunk, refusing to let it go. This heartrending incident highlights the intelligence and empathy of elephants, leaving viewers deeply moved by the emotional bonds these majestic creatures form.

A Glimpse of Unfathomable Grief: The viral video showcases the extraordinary emotional capacity of elephants, as the mother elephant mourns the loss of her calf.

In the Ambari Tea Estate, Jalpaiguri, the mother’s immense grief is evident as she clings to the lifeless body, unwilling to part with it. The scene unfolds with a heartbreaking display of the mother’s love and unwavering determination to keep her calf close.

An Unyielding Journey: Reports indicate that the calf’s demise occurred in the Chunabhati tea garden of the Dooars region.

Despite the passage of time, the mother elephant has steadfastly refused to abandon her calf’s body, carrying it for approximately seven kilometers. Roaming through tea estates and fringe areas, the mother and her herd have remained together, demonstrating their unwavering bond and shared sorrow.

Support in Sorrow: The grieving mother has found solace in the presence of her herd, who have joined her in mourning. Around 30 other elephants have united in empathy, standing alongside the mother during this heartbreaking time. Their presence symbolizes the collective support and understanding that exists within elephant society, reaffirming the depth of their emotional connections.

Efforts to Monitor and Assist: Wildlife officials and authorities have responded to this heartrending situation, utilizing drones to monitor the movements of the mother elephant and her herd. A team from Binnaguri wildlife made attempts to retrieve the calf’s carcass, but the mother elephant led them away to Redbank Tea Estate. Forest officials remain dedicated to ensuring the well-being and safety of the elephants during this period of mourning.

The Significance of Elephant Behavior: Experts emphasize the significance of this incident, shedding light on the inherent nurturing nature of elephants and their remarkable protective instincts. Elephants have been known to go to great lengths to safeguard their calves, exhibiting extraordinary care and compassion. The collective response of the herd emphasizes the depth of empathy and support that elephants offer one another, underscoring the intricate dynamics within their social structure.

A Video That Tugs at the Heartstrings: The viral video has resonated deeply with viewers worldwide, leaving them heartbroken by the sight of the grieving mother elephant and her herd’s unyielding sorrow


It serves as a poignant reminder of the profound emotional lives of elephants and the impact of loss within their communities. This heart-wrenching footage evokes empathy, compassion, and a renewed commitment to the conservation and protection of these extraordinary creatures.

The viral video capturing the mother elephant and her herd’s profound grief as they carry the body of their deceased calf has stirred emotions globally.

It sheds light on the remarkable emotional intelligence and empathy exhibited by elephants, further deepening our understanding of their complex social bonds. Let this heartrending incident inspire us to appreciate and protect the lives of these majestic creatures and foster a greater sense of compassion and responsibility towards wildlife conservation.

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