Accidᴇntɑlly drinking the wrσng bσttle of winᴇ from the villɑgᴇrs, 3 drυnken elephants roɑm the rσɑd

Humorous images of adult elephants drunk, “male foot kicking”, leaning after eating Marula fruit were taken at Singita Kruger National Park.

Ross Couper, a guide at South Africa’s Singita Kruger National Park, showed tourists the interesting sight of the elephant brothers. “We were surprised to see that the young elephants seemed to show signs of being quite drunk.”

However, experts say this unusual behavior could also be caused by elephants eating beetle larvae that live in the bark of the Marula tree.

The Marula fruit is very beneficial when it comes to making giant mammals drunk. It is known that Marula fruit is related to mango, mild sour taste, yellow when ripe, sweet and crispy, can make people or animals drunk after consumption.

This plant grows widely in Africa, especially South Africa. Marula fruit has some of the same ingredients as fermented water, making people and animals intoxicated if eaten in large quantities.

Marula fruit

Marula fruit is also used by Africans as a raw material for making jam and fermented water. In South Africa, Marula juice is considered a traditional specialty drink of the people here.

L. Thoa (According to Daily Mail)

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