Marginalia Hero Review – What the heck is going on?

Marginalia Hero is incredibly weird. It’s a brand new one tap RPG by Crescent Moon Games that takes place within medieval paintings.

You play as a hero who sets off on an adventure to defeat a variety of animals, from sword-wielding rabbits to… snails.

Battling is a little bit like Guitar Hero, of all games. You’ll see a circle with targets on it, and have to tap when a pointer on the circle reaches the targets.

Tap when it’s right bang in the centre of the target and you’ll get a gold bonus.

Marginalia Hero has an odd visual style

While this system starts off pretty simple, it soon starts to get quite complex. Targets will vanish before you reach them, move at the last second, or move erratically around the circle.

If you miss a target, it’s usually game over as that allows your enemy to get an attack in. You can increase the number of hits you can take, as well as how much damage you deal, by purchasing gear with the gold you accrue.

As you complete a variety of achievements, you’ll unlock more complex gear that provides you with perks like more gold, damage, or armour.

You can equip new weapons, shields, and bring a companion with you. All equipment types have visual effects that let show your progress within the game.

It’s a notoriously difficult RPG

There are two different modes to battle through, including a story mode that actually has an ending. Good luck getting that far though, as this is a notoriously difficult game.

Then there’s an endless tournament mode that you can play to compete with others across the globe. It’s all about how much damage you can deal before dying.

Marginalia Hero is an incredibly odd looking RPG, but in terms of gameplay it’s nothing particularly new. It’s just another one tap affair but with an interesting visual style.

We definitely enjoyed the few hours we spent with it, but there isn’t enough depth to provide any real longevity.

Not as weird as it looks

Marginalia Hero looks weird but ultimately, it’s just another pretty standard one tap RPG









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