Man Gets Roasted By A TikToker After He Made A Thread Saying Women Shouldn’t Ride Horses Because It’s A Sexually Arousing Activity 

“A man recently faced backlash on social media after he made a controversial statement about women riding horses.

The man, whose identity remains unknown, posted a thread on social media platform Twitter, stating that women should not ride horses because it is a sexually arousing activity.

The statement quickly gained attention and sparked outrage among many users, including TikToker @equestrianqueen88, who decided to respond to the man’s comments in a video.

In the video, she roasted the man for his ignorant and sexist remarks, pointing out that horse riding is a sport enjoyed by both men and women, and has nothing to do with sexual arousal.

The TikToker’s video quickly went viral, with many users applauding her for standing up against the man’s sexist comments.

The incident also sparked a larger conversation about sexism and misogyny in the equestrian community, with many women sharing their own experiences of facing discrimination and harassment while riding horses.

Despite the backlash, the man has yet to apologize for his comments or clarify his stance on the issue.

However, the incident has served as a reminder of the importance of standing up against sexism and misogyny, and the need for greater inclusivity and diversity in all areas of society, including sports and hobbies like horse riding.”

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