Snowy Owls: Two Lemmings For A Snack?

Snowy owls are a majestic and iconic species of the Arctic, known for their striking white feathers and piercing yellow eyes.

As birds of prey, they are skilled hunters and play an important role in the animal world of the Arctic.

One particular snowy owl, named Bibi, has made her home in a warm year for the Arctic with a high number of lemmings in the tundra. A few months ago, she laid five small eggs and has since been diligently caring for her offspring.

Now, surrounded by five big owlets, Bibi is focused on providing them with the nourishment they need to grow and thrive.

As the chicks continue to grow, they require more and more food to sustain their development. Bibi is a devoted parent, returning to the nest frequently to feed her youngest offspring. In a heartwarming display of sibling rivalry, one of the younger chicks quickly swallows a small lemming provided by Bibi, but decides it’s not enough and steals another, larger lemming.

Despite the challenge of swallowing such a large meal, the determined owlet manages to consume both lemmings and satisfy its hunger.

This video captures a beautiful moment in the life of a snowy owl family, showcasing the parenting behavior and animal sounds that make these creatures so fascinating to observe.

As the owlets continue to grow and prepare for their first flight, Bibi will continue to provide for them and ensure their survival in the harsh Arctic environment.

For those interested in learning more about snowy owls and their role in the Arctic ecosystem, this video offers a glimpse into their daily lives and the challenges they face as a species.

With their striking appearance and impressive hunting skills, snowy owls are a true wonder of the animal world and a testament to the resilience of nature in even the harshest of environments.

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