Rescued Wild Flamingo Returns To Rescuer And Runs To Her For Heartwarming Hug

Elly Albers, founder of Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab, has dedicated her life to rescuing and rehabilitating birds in the Caribbean island of Bonaire. Her journey started a few years ago when she took in a baby flamingo for the first time.

The young bird had been left behind by her parents, but quickly formed a bond with Elly and followed her around. When the flamingo was able to fly, she took off and went back into the wild, leaving a lasting impression on Elly.

After the departure of the baby flamingo, Elly realized that there was a need for bird rescue on the island. She decided to start Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab to help injured and sick birds in the area. The rescue soon became known for its exceptional work and dedication to saving birds.

Within three months of its establishment, they took in 500 flamingos that were falling ill. In 2018, they rescued 355 baby flamingos from certain death, which was a remarkable achievement.

Elly’s passion and hard work have paid off. All the flamingos were released back into the wild, and their integration was a huge success. She affectionately calls a small group of these flamingos that return every morning for breakfast “the Breakfast Club”.

And on one occasion, Baby, the first flamingo Elly rescued, was among them. She remembered Elly and came over for a hug, a touching moment that showed the bond between animals and their rescuers.

Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab has become a vital resource for the island, as it’s the only rehabilitation center for birds in the area. The rescue provides care, treatment, and rehabilitation for injured, sick, and orphaned birds.

The team at the rescue is comprised of volunteers and professionals who are dedicated to the welfare of the birds. They provide a safe environment for the birds to recover, and once they are healthy, they are released back into the wild.

The rescue also educates the local community about the importance of birds and their role in the ecosystem. They work to raise awareness about the threats birds face, including habitat loss, pollution, and climate change.

Through their outreach programs, they encourage people to take action to protect birds and their habitats.

To support the important work of Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab, Elly has set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the rescue. The funds raised will go towards providing care and treatment for the birds, as well as the purchase of necessary equipment and supplies.

Elly’s goal is to ensure that Bonaire Wild Bird Rehab continues to be a beacon of hope for the birds on the island, and a model for bird rescue worldwide.

Soure: The Dodo

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