“I saw an alien get on the space shuttle,” says retired astronaut

Astronaut Clark C. McClelland was fired from NASA, filed and sentenced with loss of all social privileges and pension for speaking openly about aliens and broadcasting censored videos of the missions in which he participated.

McClelland, a former astronaut and former member of the MUFON commission (in charge of collecting information about UFOs), revealed that he and NASA know that aliens exist and that during a space mission from their ship they were able to see a smart disk.

He told ‘The Canadian’ secret details of an astonishing incident that occurred during NASAA’s STS-80 mission aboard the shuttle Columbia.

What happened was confirmed by Dr. Franklin Story Musgrave (crew member of the STS-80 mission).

Then they saw that a disk-shaped object much larger than the shuttle suddenly appeared, while they were about 190 miles up (about 306 kilometers).

Musgrave admitted that he saw the object, but could not identify what it is. Unlike other objects he saw, this one seemed to come from “nowhere, it was very impressive,” he said.

Upon returning to Earth, Musgrave was questioned about the encounter and the scientist reviewed a video recording of the encounter between the Columbia and the UFO as they flew over Denver, Colorado.

He indicated that the object appeared to be controlled by an intelligence changing its flight vector. Most disconcerting was that it seemed to follow Columbia and its crew through space.

After the mission, the scientist became convinced not only of the existence of aliens, but that they are here. The astronaut decided to go on a personal discovery mission.

At a lecture on astronomy, Musgrave, at the end of his presentation, displayed images on a big screen, showing an artistic rendering of the evil gray aliens, and shook his audience by saying, “These guys are real, I guarantee it!” .

This testimony adds to another serious revelation made by retired United States military who ask the government not to continue hiding the truth and narrated how aliens interfered with nuclear bases.

Other members of NASA who have testified about aliens are Gordon Cooper , Donald Slayton, Gene Cernan, Frank Borman, Neil Armstrong, and Scott Carpenter, who insist that UFOs are real and that intelligent extraterrestrial beings exist.



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