How To Make Your Garden More Elegant By Adding Flowers On The Underside Of The Trees

It is possible to effectively put flowers or other ground cover plants beneath the tree, nevertheless. In reality, the roots of developing plants will function to loosen and aerate the soil and actually assist the plant receive its oxygen.

A modest quantity of dirt and compost added to the ground surrounding the tree will not severely hamper the tree’s capacity to obtain oxygen. A tree may quickly absorb dirt if it is introduced very gently by growing new roots close to the surface.

To build a boundary for your designated planting area, you could wish to add a border around it. Extending this planting area to the region with healthy, thick grass is a fantastic idea.

Any kind of material, such as flexible plastic edging, bricks, or stones, can be utilized to create an edge.

Spread 2 inches of compost over the area and 1 to 2 inches of high-quality garden soil. In severe circumstances, when the space under the tree is dominated by a network of exposed tree roots, your best choice could be to cover the ugly exposed tree roots with a 3-inch layer of mulch.

Fresh compost will work wonders to freshen up the area where your problem is. Then, rather than planting in the ground, lay container gardens over the compost.

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