Not horsing around! Mare gets stuck in drain and has to be lifted out after three-hour rescue operation

In a heartwarming display of teamwork and determination, a horse named Bod was rescued from a water hole in Nonthaburi, Thailand after a three-hour rescue operation.

The mare had slipped into the hole while grazing in a field with her owner’s four other horses. Owner Nittaya Limalai, 50, attempted to free the trapped animal, but soon realized that she needed professional help to save her horse.

The mare’s blindness in her left eye might have prevented her from seeing the broken drainage cover, which caused her to fall into the hole.

As she struggled to free herself, she only managed to sink deeper, and her owner knew that she needed help fast. Limalai contacted a local rescue foundation to help with the rescue operation.

The rescue team arrived promptly, and after assessing the situation, they quickly got to work to free the trapped horse.

The team members were highly skilled, and they worked with precision and care to free Bod. They used specialized equipment and ropes to lift her out of the hole and onto solid ground.

Throughout the rescue operation, the mare remained calm and cooperative, which made the rescue operation easier for everyone involved.

When she was finally free, she was checked by a veterinarian and found to be in good health, which was a huge relief for her owner.

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