Horse makes snow angels with owner in adorable video: ‘Like we did as kids’

Horses are incredible, majestic animals that have the ability to bond with humans on a deep level. They are intelligent, intuitive, and capable of demonstrating affection and playfulness.

A heartwarming video that recently went viral on social media showcases the bond between a woman and her horse as they make snow angels together.

In this article, we will delve into the story of Sandy Hodskins and her Kiger Mustang mare, West Wind, and explore the remarkable connection they share.

Sandy Hodskins, the owner of West Meadow Farm in Bradford, New Hampshire, has been a lifelong horse enthusiast. She acquired West Wind, a 17-year-old Kiger Mustang mare, as a yearling and has been raising and training her ever since.

After a recent winter storm blanketed the farm with fresh snow, Sandy brought West Wind to a new paddock to let her stretch her legs and play in the snow.

As Sandy lay down in the snow and started making snow angels, West Wind seemed to take notice and became curious. To Sandy’s delight, the mare approached her and started making snow angels alongside her.

“I was happy she did it next to me!” Sandy wrote on social media. “We were just having fun like we did as kids. Something we often forget to do when we turn into an adult.”

Sandy attributes her remarkable bond with West Wind to Natural Horsemanship, a technique that emphasizes communication and psychology to connect with horses. She says she has spent years studying and practicing Natural Horsemanship and has learned to understand West Wind’s preferences and moods.

“I know West Wind loves laying down in fresh snow,” Sandy said. “She’s always playful and curious, and I think she was just enjoying the moment with me.”

The video of Sandy and West Wind making snow angels together has captured the hearts of animal lovers around the world. It is a testament to the remarkable bond that can develop between horses and humans when there is mutual trust, respect, and understanding.

Horses are not just pets or working animals – they are intelligent, social creatures that can form deep connections with humans. The video of Sandy and West Wind making snow angels is a beautiful example of the joy and playfulness that can arise from these connections.

It is a reminder to us all to take a moment to embrace our inner child and enjoy life’s simple pleasures, whether we’re young or old.

In conclusion, the heartwarming video of Sandy and West Wind making snow angels together is a beautiful example of the bond that can develop between horses and humans.

It demonstrates the intelligence, intuition, and playfulness of these incredible animals and serves as a reminder to us all to take a moment to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

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