Horse givᴇs birth to ɑstonishingly rɑre fılly – just wɑit until you sᴇe her ᴇyes

Allow us to introduce you to “Coconut,” the breathtakingly rare war horse filly, as she embarks on her first day outside. Scott and Jackie Nelson, renowned for raising prize-winning paint horses at their ranch in Melbourne, Florida, were both surprised and overjoyed by Coconut’s recent arrival.

This little filly boasts a truly extraordinary color pattern known as tovero, adorned with a unique medicine cap. These incredibly rare markings were historically associated with warhorses, held in the highest regard as the cherished possessions of the tribe’s medicine man.

Referred to as a ‘war bonnet’ or ‘medicine hat,’ this pinto’s distinct markings consist of a white coat with a small, colored pattern covering the top of its head and its ears.

What sets a warhorse apart is the presence of a single blue eye, often called a ‘sky eye.’ According to indigenous culture, if the medicine man were to fall in battle, the blue eye of the warhorse would carry his spirit into the afterlife.

The medicine man held a vital role in the tribe, serving not only as a healer but also as a revered spiritual leader. Safeguarding the tribe’s spiritual and physical well-being was their responsibility. Hence, the warhorses, believed to protect both the medicine man and the entire tribe from danger, were treasured and closely protected.

These horses were so highly valued that rival tribes would attempt to steal a warhorse, aiming to weaken their adversaries and transfer the potent medicine of the captured tribe to their own people.

Imagine Scott and Jackie’s amazement when they noticed this exceptional pattern on their newborn filly, affectionately referring to her as their very own baby warhorse. Undoubtedly, they are blessed to have such a remarkable and rare addition to their ranch.

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