Horse and elk team up for epic ball game

Capturing an adorable moment, the owner of a spirited young foal recorded a heartwarming encounter. The eight-month-old foal eagerly attempted to engage an elk in a game of ball, prompting Tamara Miller to start recording with her camera.

On a snowy day at a Montana property, the brown foal raced along the fence, with the elk on the other side, creating an engaging spectacle. Darting back and forth along the fence, the foal sought playful interaction with the elk.

The fo al persistently tried to pick up the ball and toss it over the fence. Initially unsuccessful, it made several attempts until finally mastering the technique, successfully flinging the ball over the barrier.

However, the elk displayed minimal interest in the ball. While the foal reveled in its playful nature, the elk seemed somewhat more territorial, subtly asserting its dominance over the young equine.

In the background of the shot, five other elk cautiously observed the scene, maintaining a safe distance from the foal. Once the foal triumphantly managed to get the ball over the fence, the two animals joyfully raced together along the fence line.

As one of the largest members of the deer family, this particular elk exhibited a rather assertive demeanor. In contrast, the foal, being a young horse, appeared more inclined to embrace its role as the class clown.

The elk remained slightly on edge as the exuberant foal made unpredictable moves. The two creatures locked gazes, ran harmoniously in synchrony, paused to exchange glances, and repeated this captivating dance. The elk showed no intention of returning the ball to the foal, firmly establishing its stance in the game.

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