Everyone is terrιfied by video of a giant mσnster climbιng a elҽctric polҽ to escαpe after being chasҽd by dog

The frightened giant lizards climbed onto a utility pole and became trapped for hours, being chased by domestic dogs as they crawled into residential areas to feed.

On August 16, when a giant lizard resembling a Godzilla monster was seen on a utility pole in Sar aburi Province in central Thailand, many residents couldn’t help feeling horrified.

The recorded video shows the creature using its four strong limbs and sharp claws to cling to a concrete pole next to a tangled wire. It stayed there for several hours, prompting Suwit Yamubon, 51, to call rescuers.

“Initially, I found this monitor lizard in my garden. Fearing it would attack my house, I let go of the dog and chased it away,” Yɑmubon said. “Then it climbed up the power pole and escaped. I didn’t want it to be electrocuted, so I called for help.”

The animal still clings to the pole.

The animal is still struggling to hold on to the pole.

The animal was still clinging to the pole when staff arrived. Then a person pulls it to the ground with a special pole. Surprisingly, it doesn’t react too strongly when gagged. The iguana was then taken away by a motorbike and released away from residential areas.

According to Newsflare, the giant creature seen in Ѕaraburi belongs to the Asian water monitor lizard, or Varanus salvator. They are common in Thailand and usually live in canals, swamps, sewers or ponds.

This large reptile can grow to over 3 meters when fully grown. They eat fish, snakes, frogs and leftovers left by humans. Typically, iguanas are aggressive when threatened, and their bites contain mild venom and sometimes harmful bacteria.

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