Feɑrless rider cɑlms bucking horse with teddy bear

If you’ve ever felt apprehensive about horseback riding, you should definitely watch this video. It begins with Ryan Rose, a skilled horse trainer, attaching a teddy bear named Jimmy to Henry the horse’s back. The purpose is to familiarize Henry with the sensation of being ridden. It’s quite amusing to see the stuffed bear riding atop Henry as if it were a person.

Before allowing Henry to be ridden, it is crucial for him to develop a better understanding of pressure. Henry is a highly sensitive horse, easily spooked by his surroundings. The objective is to keep Henry at ease, preventing any spooking incidents or the rider from being thrown off.

To ride Henry safely, he needs to build a higher tolerance for new stimuli. Mastering horsemanship is a challenging endeavor, and having a mentor throughout the process is indispensable.

The horse must learn to embrace the situation at hand. Henry learns to interpret the energy of the rope and how to regain composure. Ryan’s exceptional skills in handling the horse shine through, as he teaches Henry to relax and remain calm. Their ultimate goal is to ensure Henry’s tranquility when the saddle is placed on his back.

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