‘Extremely Obese’ Owl Was Rescued After Being Too Fαt To Fly

A little owl in the UK was rescued by the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary after a concerned landowner reported seeing the bird in a ditch, unable to fly.

‘Extremely Obese’ Owl W as Rescued After Being Too Fat To Fly

Upon inspection, the rescuers initially thought the female owl was injured or soggy, but it turned out that she was simply extremely obese.

The bird was roughly a third heavier than a healthy female little owl and was unable to fly effectively due to the fatty deposits around her body.

The rescuers investigated possible scenarios, including the owl being an escaped aviary bird, but it turned out that she was an unusual case of natural obesity.

‘Extremely Obese’ Owl Was Rescued After Being Too Fat To Fly

The area where the little owl roamed was crawling with field mice and voles, which may have contributed to her overindulgence.

The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary spent a few weeks observing the bird and put her on a strict diet. The little owl has since trimmed down to a more natural weight and was released back into the wild.

The sanctuary shared photos of the bird flying gracefully off into the British countryside at a much healthier and happier weight.

It is very unusual for wild birds to become obese naturally, and this case highlights the importance of monitoring wildlife and their diets.

The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary’s efforts to rescue and rehabilitate the little owl demonstrate the organization’s commitment to protecting and preserving wildlife in the UK.

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