Elephant playfully kιcks buffalo in the heɑd and it retalιates. Tusker’s reaction is hilarious

This clip of an elephant vs buffalo match is quite entertaining.

Elephants are known to be playful. However, their mischief can be seen as a tad daunting given their huge size. That maybe why it didn’t go down well with this buffalo when an elephant playfully kicked it. This video captures the moment and makes for an entertaining watch.

This image shows the elephant kicking the buffalo.(YouTube/SabiSabiReserve)

The video was actually shared in 2023 by the SabiSabiReserve YouTube channel. According to the caption on the video, it was recorded by a 9-year-old named Alex Rae. The clip has once again won people over after it was posted by IFS officer Susanta Nanda on his handle.

“Elephants are extremely playful. This naughty one just kicks the buffalo for fun. And he knows what it means to tease,” says the tweet posted along with the video.

The clip shows the elephant staring at a herd of buffaloes. It then proceeds towards one and kicks it on its head. It doesn’t seem very hard, but the buffalo doesn’t see it as a friendly nudge.

The animal is seen charging towards the elephant that’s now walking in the other direction and bam, hits the tusker with its horns. The elephant quickly realises what it did wasn’t appreciated. Its reaction may make you giggle.

Shared on Twitter on May 14, the tweet has collected over 2,500 likes and more than 500 retweets. The reactions on the video are equally funny.

“Another elephant must have dared this fellow to do that for 100 bananas!” joked an individual. Why else would the elephant have done that? “Like Jerry annoying a peacefully napping Tom,” commented another. “Aren’t they showing threat display for territory defence? Gentle one ran away, while aggressive one ran after,” wrote a third.

Watch the longer version of the clip below:

What do you think about this interaction?

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