Rescυe of tιny elephant calf sepɑrated from his family by the pσwerful floσd waters of the ewɑso Niro river: a tale of courɑge and compɑssion

On the morning of November 8th, we received an urgent call regarding a vulnerable elephant calf stranded in the West Gate Community Conservancy.

Separated from his family by the powerful flood waters of the Ewaso Niro river, this little one found himself in a precarious situation. Luckily, a community guard named ‘Hospitali’ spotted the struggling calf in the fast-flowing torrent and quickly came to his rescue.

‘Hospitali’ bravely waded into the waters, battling against the current to bring the tiny calf to safety on dry land. Once the calf regained strength, ‘Hospitali’ walked him half a kilometer to Sasaab Lodge, where he is employed.

Ali and Tony Allport, the lodge managers, wasted no time in contacting the Kenya Wildlife Service Senior Warden to report the calf’s plight. With no viable means of locating the calf’s herd in such a vast area, it became evident that the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s assistance was urgently needed.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, established in 1977, operates the world’s most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program. Their mission extends beyond rescuing and hand-rearing orphaned elephants and other animals impacted by human activity.

They also play a crucial role in safeguarding the natural environment through their Aerial, Anti-Poaching, and Mobile Veterinary Units, providing immediate aid to wildlife in need. Furthermore, they work tirelessly to protect vital wilderness areas, ensuring that animals always have a safe haven to thrive.

Collaborating with local partners and communities, they strive for harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

**Update: Tragically, we mourn the loss of Sasab on December 8th, due to teething complications and a severe bout of gastroenteritis.

His passing is deeply felt by his fellow elephant Nursery peers, his devoted foster-parents, and especially by the dedicated Keepers who fought tirelessly to save him. For more information, please visit: [link to read more]

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