Discover creative ideas with Gabion in garden decoration

Most people like to do decoration ideas for a balcony, garden, or home which are both natural and modern looking. In this context, outdoor gabion ideas might just be what you are looking for. Gabion ideas generally mean a big cage or a combination of rocks and wire.  In other words, the gabion ideas are made of galvanized steel baskets that are filled with rocks.

Landscaping materials for gabion ideas

In order to build a modern gabion, you just need a well-arranged wire (could be any shape), broken bricks, river rocks, pinecones, and ball lights (optional). After gathering these materials, the only thing you should do is to decide the size and shape of the gabion.

Fill the gabion baskets with any kind of rocks

You can fill these frames with any kind of rocks or other materials mentioned above. It would be better to use durable materials for your outdoor gabion ideas. Also, you should better make your gabion stable for safety. If you decide to build a big gabion structure, you should fill the frame with cheap and durable materials for decreasing your expenses. In addition, you can paint some rocks that you can put on seen part of frames.

Gabion with different shapes

With the help of the versatility of wire baskets, you can build various accessories for your outdoor spaces such as garden walls or balcony fences, planters, garden benches, decks, patios, fireplace, and water features.  Moreover, you can add some lightning ideas to your natural and modern gabion, which will make them seeable at night. Finally, we hope you will enjoy this idea and your outdoor places will be changed beautifully.








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