Fishermen Catch Mysterious Deep Sea Shark Off The Coast Of Australia

Professional fisherman Trapman Bermagui and his crew were in for a surprise when they pulled up an unusual catch off the coast of Australia. The catch turned out to be a strange-looking deep-sea shark, leaving people bewildered at the discovery.

Trapman, who has been in the fishing industry for a while, shared about the find on social media, saying that even he was taken aback by the uniqueness of the shark. He wrote, “The face of a deep sea rough skin shark. All the way from 650m.”

The shark was caught at an impressive depth of 2,133 feet (650 meters), making it a rare and remarkable catch. According to Trapman, the shark weighed around 15kg and was 5-foot-long.

The deep-sea rough skin shark, also known as the Trachydermis abyssicola, is a species of shark that is rarely seen due to its habitat in the deep sea.

It is known for its rough, sandpaper-like skin and its large, flat head with a protruding snout. The species typically feeds on fish and squid, and it is usually found at depths of 600-1200 meters.

The discovery of this deep-sea shark has left many people fascinated by the wonders of the ocean and the diversity of marine life.

While Trapman and his crew are familiar with the fishing industry and have seen many catches, this one was a unique experience that they will likely remember for a long time.

The catch has sparked discussions and debates among netizens, with many expressing their amazement at the discovery.

Some even commented that they had never seen a shark like this before and that it was incredible to see such a unique creature.

The recent discovery of a deep-sea rough skin shark caught off the coast of Australia is a reminder of the incredible diversity of marine life and the mysteries that lie beneath the ocean’s surface.

This unique find has sparked conversations and awe among people, highlighting the importance of exploring and studying the deep sea to learn more about the creatures that inhabit it.

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