Volunteers Are “Shocked’ To See This ‘Dead’ Horse Still Alive, Nurse It Back To Health, And The Transformation Is Incredible.

No one could ever prepare for the sight the volunteers of the British Horse Society faced upon arriving at a building site in East Durham, England.

It was there that they found Heidi, a pony thought to be dead in the midst of squalor.

But after her body was seen breathing, the volunteers realized they’d encountered one of the most severe cases of neglect they’d ever seen and acted immediately.

“The decision was made to give her a chance, and it took five people to lift her to her feet,” said the spokesperson of Here 4 Horses Equine Charity.

Heidi’s incredible road to recovery was then documented in a series of videos that prove what a fighter this little girl has been.

Let’s take a look at Heidi’s inspiring transformation down below, which is impossible not to shed a tear (or to cry a whole river) for.

Heidi was considered to be critically ill, unable to stand or walk. “The early days were touch and go, as we dealt with her serious weakness and such a low blood protein level that a plasma transfusion was required,” Wendy recounted.

It took more than 5 weeks for the pony to be able to stand by herself.

And the wounds took time to heal

Until Heidi’s hair grew back and she started looking happier

And Heidi’s happy spirit and shiny curls were all over the place!

Having survived the horrific neglect, today the girl is a rosette-winning pony making everyone proud

Cre: boredpanda.com

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