The boy is the giant snake’s best friend – A boy sits in coils of a giant python in confronting video

A toddler has been filmed relaxing on top of the coils of a giant python before pulling it by its head.

Shocking footage, which emerged on social media last month, shows the young boy nonchalantly sitting on the huge reptile.

The boy then grabs the snake near its head and tries to pull it across a tiled floor as it moves to another room.

At one point, the child accidentally strikes the python on the head in his efforts.

The toddler appears carefree as he handles the giant snake. Source: LiveLeak
The toddler appears carefree as he handles the giant snake. Source: LiveLeak

The clip, which is understood to have been shot in Indonesia, sparked outrage across several social media platforms over the perilous position the boy found himself in.

“Wow authorities should look for this kid’s parents and throw them in jail for putting their kid at risk,” one person wrote on Brazilian Instagram account pecuaria_rondonia, where the clip was uploaded last week.

“Unfortunately that child is a meal waiting to happen … that child needs to be protected,” another said.

Reticulated pythons are common across Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia.

The reptile grips its prey, often monkeys, pigs and other mammals, with dozens of sharp curved teeth before squeezing it to death and swallowing it whole.

While humans falling victim to pythons are rare, there have been several high-profile incidents in recent years where adults have been swallowed whole.

Last year, 54-year-old Indonesian Wa Tiba went missing before she was found inside a giant python in her garden.

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