A Colorado police officer has the cutest street conversation with an adorable baby tiny owl

A police officer in Colorado had a heartwarming encounter with a baby owl on a woodland road, and it was all caught on her body camera.

The Boulder Police Department shared the footage online, and it quickly went viral.

The deputy and her colleague were driving on a mountain road near the town of Nederland when they spotted a tiny bird on the side of the road.

The little creature seemed lost, so the officer decided to investigate. When she got off the vehicle and approached the bird, the deputy noticed it was a northern saw-whet owl.

The officer kindly asked the owl, “Hey, what’s up?!” and the bird had the sweetest reaction. It immediately started to twist its tiny head around, sending the officer into laughter.

The deputy said ‘hi’ once again, and the little bird’s reaction was just as adorable.

The officers then made sure the tiny owl safely crossed the road and found its way into the trees next to the road. The short footage was then shared online by the Boulder Police Department.

The video quickly went viral, with many people commenting on the heartwarming encounter. It’s a reminder that even in the midst of our busy lives, we can still take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature.

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