Cute horses’ training bloopers will make your day

Living with animals and taking care of them provide you with several insights into life. But, most importantly, it teaches you how to live your life to the fullest as you understand these adorable beings.

Eva, a young horse trainer living in the Netherlands, is one of the proud owners of several horses and ponies. Some include Shetland Flip, Haflinger Shilas, Lusitano Que-habil, and many other breeds.

Her morning training routine with her beautiful horses has recently gained numerous followers. This is because the funny horse trainer has plenty of fun with her four-legged farm friends. The clip starts with Eva trying to train one of the horses to stand up.

However, the stubborn horse is in no mood to listen to his owner and starts to eat. Eva tries to scream and run around the field, making the brown horse act crazy. Finally, he plays with his owner and runs like a puppy behind her.

Next comes the stumpy, cute, & funny pony who loves doing zoomies around the field at full speed. Eva shares a deep relationship with her horses. The animals look healthy and happy, and the training does not seem to be forced at all.

The horse and the rider play together and enjoy the morning horse training session. The bond between Eva and her horses is solid. Despite the horses running towards her at full speed, she knows they won’t hurt her.

The whole training session is a comedy show where the happy horse tries to have fun with his owner. It may seem like a horse training blooper, but this is the cutest interaction between humans and their favorite animals.

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