Creepy red-eyed creature ‘discovered in Russian subway’

Creepy red-eyed creature ‘discovered in Russian subway’

The unknown white creature was filmed appearing out of a mound before revealing its red eyes.



A STRANGE “alien” creature has been filmed appearing from within a hiding place in a creepy video.

YouTube user Disclose Screen ‘The Grimreefar’ uploaded the bizarre clip.

The unknown creature was apparently filmed in a Russian underground st ation (Image: YOUTUBE / DISCLOSE SCREEN THE GRIMREEFER)

In it, he said a viewer had submitted the short clip to him after filming it abandoned in a Russia subway stati on, although Disclose later admitted it could have been taken underwater.

The clip begins with the sight of a dark coloured mound, positioned on the ground.

A white object – bearing a striking resemblance to a snake – begins to appear out of the top of the mound.

Seconds later, the back-side of a triangular-shaped head pokes out.


It turns around, revealing red-coloured eyes seemingly staring directly at the cameraman.

The creature recluses back inside the bizarre mound.


The YouTuber said: “What the hell are we looking at? Nobody knows.

“The location is apparently Russia and it was filmed at an abandoned subway station underground part of the unused Redline system.”

He uploaded it to his popular channel, writing: “Strange alien creature reportedly filmed in abandon Russian subway, What is this thing?”

One bizarre viewer commented: “Alien parasite coming out of an alien heart from space.


“It tried to leave because of the light. It’s albino and thought it had to leave but saw that it was a humanoid being and hid.”

Another said: “It’s probably some kind of alien egg.”

A third added: “Wow that a bit weird, new species perhaps?”

But others believed the creature was actually an albino snake.


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