Centipedҽ Dҽvours Snakҽ In Midst Of Laying Its Eggs.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about Nature is that there is no system of justice that dictates the behavior of species in the animal kingdom according to predetermined notions of “morality”…

Perhaps the most attractive thing about Nature is that there is no justice system that dictates the behavior of species in the animal kingdom according to predetermined notions of “morals” or “ethics.”

In the law of the jungle, there is no one to watch over you; It has always been that way and it will always be that way… at least until we finish destroying this planet.

Today in “Nature is cruel and ruthless”, we are going to tell you about a centipede from Southeast Asia that ate a snake. But the most cruel and ruthless thing about this story is that the snake was laying its eggs, that is, in its most vulnerable position to attack by predators.

Except that the centipede is not exactly a predator that is at the top of the food chain. Rather, it is an opportunist who usually eats small insects, but occasionally indulges in a mouse, bird, or snake, just when they cannot defend themselves. That’s right, the centipede is something like the public servant of the fauna.

Now, it should be noted that this centipede is not the same species that we see here in Mexico, that is, a tiny and adorable worm that slowly climbs up the bark of a tree.

Oh no, these Indochinese monsters identified as Scolopendra dawydoffi are much bigger, measuring up to 10 centimeters long, they come out of hiding at night, and to eat their prey, they inject a poison to stun them.

The case of the centipede and the female snake was documented by a team of biologists in an ecological park in Thailand. Upon encountering this disturbing scene, the researchers did not intervene, leaving Nature -cruel and ruthless, you know- to do its thing. Obviously, they took photos.

We found the centipede already wrapped around the entire body of the snake, which was trapped during oviposition, with three eggs already laid, and another two apparently still inside its body.

Well, here’s a video of a similar and relatively recent case, only the snake looks like it’s dead, making it less of a joke for the morbid.

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