Baby Owls Resembling Aliens Discovered in Construction Site

Barn Owls Mistaken For Aliens In Vizag In This Viral Video
The video instantly excited alien buffs, who thought they had finally managed to get a glimpse of a creature of extra-terrestrial origin

The very thought of encountering an alien or a creature of extra-terrestrial origin is enough to excite many across the world. So when a video featuring two odd-looking creatures surfaced online, it naturally went viral.

The video was captured from a construction site in Visakhapatnam and is about one and half minute long. It shows two weird looking creatures standing in a corner.

The video instantly excited alien buffs, who thought they had finally managed to get a glimpse of a creature of extra-terrestrial origin.

The excitement was however soon diffused by researchers, who proved that the creatures in the video are nothing but young barn owls! Barn owls are a species found in and around central India.

Their characteristic features include a heart-shaped face and a beak that points downward. As it is not a very commonly found or spotted species, people might have mistaken it to be aliens, believe the researchers.

Explaining the reason for their ‘odd’ appearance, veterinary experts in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have stated that ‘ feathers are yet to grow out in the bodies of these creatures as they are too young,’ as reported in the International Business Times.

The experts also added that the creatures in this video are malnourished and in urgent need of medical care. What has aggravated their plight is the fact that the man shooting the video paid his full attention to the birds, and that made them look very alarmed in the video.

This is not the first time that an ordinary occurrence has been mistaken for alien or extra-terrestrial appearance. YouTube is full of videos that have allegedly captured alien life and UFO appearances.

For instance, there have been news reports of a UFO being spotted near the Yellowstone Volcano, two UFO’s and an alien being spo

tted in Argentina and a UFO spotted being spotted on the India-China border. Such videos do go viral but have often been proven false by researchers.

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