People Are Delighted To Learn Thαt Baby Owls Sleep Face Down Becαuse Their Heads Are Too Heαvy

Recently, there have been a few owls going viral without even lifting a finger, all baby owls sleep face down.

#1. Baby Owls Sleep Face Down

Yes they did it face down and looked unbelievably cute at the same time.

See below the irresistible birds that everyone is obsessing over, chances are your heart will melt with cuteness.

Baby Owls Sleep Face Down

A photo of fs_harajuku

Journalist Mark Rees, who started this ‘sleeping owl campaign’ explained that they sleep like this because their heads are too heavy.

How adorable!

A photo of PulpLibrarian

Interestingly, a young owl doesn’t fall out of the tree while it snoozes because it holds onto the branch with its back toe.

Sadly, before they can fly, most owlets’ will to explore their surroundings gets the best of them and they often end up on the ground, sometimes dropping right in front of us.

Baby Owls Sleep Face Down

A photo of doorabl

A photo of Lihui5344Rie

Baby Owls Sleep Face Down

A photo of fs_harajukuinfo

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Baby Owls Sleep Face Down

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